Wisconsin Herd and Perry Tipler Middle School 2023 - Creativity Summit

In February of 2023, the Wisconsin Herd hosted a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) Creativity Summit at Perry Tipler Middle School featuring STEAM Revolt's ambassador Patrick "Patcasso" Hunter and DJ Steady Rock.

This creativity summit was about helping the children understand the intersect between science and arts; from designing their own shoes for fictional customers to watching Patcasso paint to music created by Steady Rock, the students got a glimpse at several avenues to channel their interests.

Patcasso X STEAM Revolt Creativity Summit at Perry Tipler Middle School 2023
These Perry Tipler Middle School students designed a shoe during the creativity summit

Patcasso shared the following inspiration moment in his life, "I was a young person who, leaving high school felt like I had to choose a career between art and a career that could make money, and I chose money over my purpose or gift," he explained. "And fortunate that I was able to find my way back to it. But the great thing about my departure is that I discovered a world of science and realized that those two world are really interconnected."

This Creativity Summit at Perry Tipler Middle School in Oshkosh Wisconsin, was hosted by the Wisconsin Herd basketball team, the NBA G League to the Milwaukee Bucks. This sponsored event was just one of the three amazing things the Wisconsin Herd did to honor Black History Month.

Patcasso painted fine art portraits of African American legends who have made a huge influence in American History. These portraits were hung in the Reeve Memorial Union during a VIP art exhibit and were showcased during the basketball game that night as the team players sported new custom jersey's featuring the portraits.

For more information about the other events revolving the Wisconsin Herd Black History Month celebration, read here.


Contact info@patcasso.com to see how he can come to your school or organization as a STEAM Revolt ambassador.